Monitoring a Running Build

Other sections have described how to look at the details of a build you just launched. If the build is a long-running job, you can also examine its details using the Build Monitoring tab.

To monitor a running build:

  1. Log on to the Dimensions CM Administration Console.

  2. Click the Build Monitoring tab. In the navigation pane you can see the tree with Running Jobs and History entries.

  3. Click Running Jobs. The content pane displays a list of the active (currently running) build jobs:

  4. NOTE  If instead of clicking Running Jobs you click the plus sign to the left of Running Jobs, the list of build jobs appears in the object tree only.

    Notice also that the top of the display now shows three icons—Refresh, Cancel, and Filter:

  5. Click the build job that you are interested in. The Build Job Details and Build Monitor Events appear on the right in the content pane.