Interpreting Build Monitor Events

The Build Monitor Events section displays a table of events that occurred during the build. Each row represents an event. Earlier events are displayed at the top of the table; later events at the bottom.

Build events typically show events such as when the build started, when the build of specific targets started and finished, and errors that occurred during specific steps.

If a build step produces multiple targets, and the length of their names is equal to or more than 25 characters, a link called ’n more’ is displayed in the Target column. Click this link to open the Build Job Event Targets dialog box and display the names of all the targets.


Specific events may display one of the following icons:




Display the Build Job Event Expanded Script dialog box. This displays a command-prompt-type display with the script for the build step in question.


Display the Build Job Event Output Log dialog box. This log displays information such as file deployment statuses, the success of the step, and so on.


Display the Build Job Event Error Log dialog box. This log displays error information for build steps that fail.

Expanded Script

This is an example of the expanded script:


The expanded script displays the build execution command found in the build scripts.

Build Job Event Output Log

This is an example of the build job event output log.


Error Log

This is an example of the error log:


In the error log you can find information on which tasks failed, for example:

16PB0011I Task 1 executed with errc = 1 - failed

16PB0044I Processing rc: 1; Highest Significant Subtask Rc: 1

16PB0045I Of the 1 tasks requested; 0 succeeded, 1 failed, and 0 were skipped