Edit Build Option Group Option Dialog Box

The Edit Build Option Group Option dialog box allows you to modify a build option for a build option group.



Rules and Guidelines


Modify the name of the build option.

For details of the build options see Dimensions Build Predefined Symbols in The Templating Language and Processor chapter of the Developer’s Reference.

Value Type

Select Option Rule or Freeform Text.

  • Option Rule: enables you to select a different build tool and then select an option rule and a value.

  • Freeform Text: enables you to modify an existing value or specify an option that is tailored to your requirements.

Build Tool

Select a build tool for the build option.

(Option Rule only)

Option Rule

Select an option rule for the build tool.

(Option Rule only) The list displays the option rules for the build tool that you selected from the Build Tool list.


Specify a type or value.

  • If you selected Option Rule from the Value Type list, select a value from this list. The list displays the values for the option rule that you selected from the Option Rule list. If the option rule does not have a default value, type your own.

  • If you selected Freeform Text from the Value Type list, type the content of a new value.

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