Modifying Transition Rule Templates


Follow this procedure to modify the details of an existing transition rule template.

To modify a transition rule template:

  1. In the navigation pane of the Build Management tab click Settings and click Transition Rule Templates.

  2. In the content pane select the transition rule template that you want to modify, and click Edit.

  3. The Edit Transition Rule Template dialog box appears.

  4. For Name modify the name of the transition rule template.

  5. From the Preferred Build Tool list select the build tool used to execute the transition. If you do not want to specify a build tool, select Undefined.

  6. From the Select the script type list select one of the following:

  7. In the Script Content field type or modify the content of the script to be executed when this transition rule is run. To wrap the text select the Word Wrap check box.

    Choose a file from the Dimensions repository (see step 6 below).

    NOTE  If you are using a work area the file will be pushed to the build area. If you are using a deployment area, Dimensions Build assumes that the script has already been deployed to that area.

    Type or modify the name of a script or template in your build area.

    When you use a transition that has this script type the target is built using the main script defined for the parent build configuration. However, you can specify build options for the transition that are different to those defined in the main script. Therefore the build options that are used are those defined in the transition and not the main script.

  8. If you selected Use Dimensions-controlled file as a script, do the following:

  9. a    Click Browse. The Select File from Dimensions dialog box appears.

    b    In the left pane, expand Projects or Baselines and browse for the directory containing the file.

    c     In the right pane select the file.

    a    Click OK. The file is added to the Add New Transition Rule Template dialog box.

  10. Click OK. The details of the transition rule template are updated in the content pane.

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