Adding Options to Build Configuration Types


Follow this procedure to add a new option to a build configuration type.

NOTE  You cannot add new options to the default build configuration types.

To add an option to a build configuration type:

  1. In the navigation pane of the Build Management tab click Settings, click Build Configuration Types, and select the build configuration type where you want to add an option. The content pane refreshes and displays details of the build configuration type.

  2. In the Build Configuration Type Options section click New Object.

  3. The Add New Build Configuration Type dialog box appears.

  4. For Name type the name of the build configuration type option.

  5. For Description type a description of the build configuration type option.

  6. From the Level list select the level that is appropriate to the option.

  7. For Default Value type a default value for the option.

  8. To make this option mandatory, select the Required check box.

  9. Click OK. The new option is added to the list of build configuration type options in the content pane.

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