Adding Build Options to Build Option Groups


Follow this procedure to add a new build option to an existing build option group.

To add a build option to a build option group:

  1. In the navigation pane of the Build Management tab click Settings and click Build Option Groups.

  2. In the navigation or content pane click the build option group where you want to add a build option. The content pane refreshes and displays the details of the build option group.

  3. In the Build Options section of the content pane click New Object.

  4. The Add New Build Option Group Option dialog box appears.

  5. For Name type a name for the option.

  6. From the Value Type list select one of the following:

  7. If you selected Option Rule from the Value Type list, do the following:

  8. a    From the Build Tool list select a build tool.

    b    From the Option Rule list select an option rule for the build tool. The list displays the possible option rules for the build tool that you selected from the Build Tool list.

    c     From the Value list select a value for the option rule. The list displays the possible values for the option rule that you selected from the Option Rule list. If the option rule does not have a default value, type your own.

  9. If you selected Freeform Text from the Value Type list, in the Value field type the content of the build option.

  10. Click OK. The new option is added to the list of build options for that build option group.

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