Script Page


The Script page of the Create New Target wizard enables you to add a new script for a new target. If you are in the Edit Target wizard you can edit an existing build script.



Rules and Guidelines

Build Order

Enter, or modify, a numerical value that specifies the order in which the transition is built.

  • A value of 0 indicates no order.

  • Transitions are ordered in the BRD (Build Request Definition) file from 1 to n regardless of where they appear in the tree in Dimensions Build. For example, all transitions with a value of 1 will be built before those with a value of 2, and so on.

  • This functionality allows you to manually set the order of build steps for unrelated items that Dimensions Build cannot order automatically.

  • The build order of a nested transition cannot be higher than its parent. For example, assume that you have the transition COBOL(*) to OBJECT(*) to LOAD(*). OBJECT(*) can not have a build order of 2 if LOAD(*) has a build order of 1 as it does not make sense to build the LOAD before the OBJECT.

Expand Wildcards

Specifies whether:

  • All the wildcard inputs and outputs for this transition are expanded at build time.

  • An instance of the transition is created for each item that matches the wildcard.

  • The default state of this check box is determined by the platform of the build configuration. For an MVS platform the default is ’expand’ (checked). For all other platforms, the default is ’no expand’ (not checked).

  • If you have multiple targets in a build configuration you can use both settings (expand and not expand).

  • For more details see Support for Wildcards in Build Configurations.

Select the source for script content when building the target

Choose from:

  • input script content manually

  • use a Dimensions-controlled file as a script

  • use a file in the build area as a script

  • use the build configuration main script

If you select a Dimensions-controlled file as a script, be aware that the file will be pushed to the build area if you are using a work area. If you are using a deployment area, Dimensions Build assumes that the script has already been deployed to that area.

Script Content

Enter, or modify, the text for the build script into this field.

Appears with input script content manually only.


Click Browse to display the Select File From Dimensions dialog box.

Accompanies text field for use a Dimensions-controlled file as a script.

Word Wrap

Check this box to have the script text wrap.

Appears with input script content manually only.