Edit Target Properties (from Create New Target Wizard)

The Edit Target Properties wizard page (from the Create New Target wizard) allows you to edit the properties of a target that is specified as an input to the target being defined in the Create New Target Wizard.



Rules and Guidelines


Edit the name for the target.



Edit the filename for the target.

Note that the File field must be an actual filename, not a description.

Relative path

Edit the path to the target, relative to the build area root directory.



(Optional) Edit or add the description of the build target.


Is virtual

If selected, indicates that the target is a virtual target.

A virtual target is a target that does not correspond to a specific file; for example, "Clean" or "All".

Is final

If selected, indicates that the target is a final target.

A final target is a target that will not be used as the input to a subsequent build operation.

Design Part

Specifies a design part to be related to the target. Enter a design part name, or click the Browse button and select a design part from the tree.