Using Wildcard Patterns to Add Build Sources from Dimensions

NOTE  You cannot use the procedure described below on MVS, see Support for Wildcards in Build Configurations.

When you add a build source from Dimensions, you can add individual files or wildcard patterns representing multiple files. An example of a wildcard pattern is *.java. When you are adding many files, it is easier to use wildcard patterns.

To use wildcard patterns to add build sources from Dimensions:

  1. In the navigation pane of the Build Management tab, locate and select the build configuration to which you want to add a source.

  2. Make sure the build configuration is checked out.

  3. Expand the build configuration until the Build Targets entry is visible in the project tree. This will also cause the Sources section to appear in the content pane.

  4. In the content pane, click the Sources title to make it active.

  5. Click the Add Sources from Dimensions icon. The Select Dimensions Source(s) dialog box appears.

  6. Expand the directory tree on the left. The folders displayed correspond to the folder structure for the associated Dimensions project. As you select each folder, a wildcard pattern appears in the Patterns section in the content pane.

  7. Select the desired wildcard pattern. Notice that the pattern appears at the bottom of the dialog box.

  8. NOTE  To select the entire contents of a directory, select the pattern "*". This pattern appears as long as there is at least one file in the directory.

  9. Repeat with other folders until you have selected all desired wildcard patterns.

  10. If you also need to select individual files, use the procedure described in Adding Individual Files in Dimensions as Build Sources. You can switch back and forth between the two methods.

  11. Click OK. The selected wildcard patterns and items appear in the Sources area of the Build Management tab.

NOTE  By default, the Recursive Search check box is selected when Use File Patterns is selected. This means that a search will search throughout a directory tree. See the section on Recursive Search for more information.