Select Dimensions Sources Dialog Box


The Select Dimensions Sources dialog box allows you to select source files from the Dimensions repository.

The dialog box contains three areas: the directory tree area, the content area, and the search pattern area (at the bottom of the dialog box).

When you select different folders in the directory tree, the contents of each folder appear in the content area.

When you select a specific entry in the content area, the search pattern area displays the wildcard pattern used. Recursive searches will begin with the pattern **/.



Rules and Guidelines

Patterns tab

Shows files as groups of wildcards, such as *.c, *.java, and so on. (This is the default setting.)

This tab displays only if the Use File Patterns check box is selected.

Files tab

Shows each file individually.

This tab displays only if the Use File Patterns check box is not selected.

Use File Patterns check box

Uncheck this box to show individual files. (Default is checked.)


Recursive Search check box

Uncheck this box to turn off recursive search. (Default is checked.) Can only be used if the Use File Patterns check box is selected.

Recursive search is a search that allows you to match a complete directory tree, or a file anywhere in the directory tree. The search pattern begins with **/. This pattern will match zero or more directories, starting at the specified relative path.