Deleting a Build Configuration Script

Use the following procedure to delete a build configuration script. Remember that at least the main script must be present for a build configuration to run successfully.

To delete a build configuration script:

  1. If you already have the build configuration checked out and the Pre/Main/Post-Script tab is visible, skip to Step 9.

  2. In the Build Administration Console, click the Build Management tab.

  3. Expand the Dimensions Projects tree until you can see the build configuration whose script you want to delete.

  4. Select the project containing the build configuration. The Build Configurations tab appears.

  5. Place a check mark next to the build configuration to be modified.

  6. Check out the build configuration by clicking the Check Out icon.

  7. Click the pencil icon. The Edit Build Configuration dialog box appears.

  8. Click the Pre/Main/Post-Script tab.

  9. Select input script content manually if it is not selected already.

  10. Delete any text that appears in the Script Content text box.

  11. Click OK to accept the dialog box.

  12. Check in the modified build configuration by clicking the Check In icon.