Creating a New Work Area

To create a new work area:

  1. Log in to the Dimensions Administration Console.

  2. Under the Distributed Development heading, click Area Definitions. The Area Definitions page appears.

  3. Click the New icon. The pop-up menu displays the types of area that you can create:

  4. Select Work Area. The New Work Area dialog box appears.

  5. Fill out the fields as follows:

  6. The identifier for the build area.

    Enter a description for the build area.

    The name of the machine that Dimensions CM is to use when executing the build.

    The name of the directory that Dimensions CM is to use as the base directory; relative path names will be evaluated based on this directory.

    The user ID that Dimensions CM is to use when executing the build.


          On Windows 200x platforms, the user should have administrator privileges. On Windows XP, or on UNIX, USS, or MVS, administrator privileges are not required.

          You can also enter a credential set. For details see the System Administration Guide.

    The user password that Dimensions CM is to use when executing the build.

    NOTE  Not required if you are using a credential set.

    This is the user ID that has permission to edit the build area.

    Select entries from the Available Users/Groups and use the >> and << links to move the selected entries to the list of users/groups with permission to access the build area.

  7. When you have finished filling out the dialog box, click OK. A Results dialog box briefly confirms the creation of the new area. The new area also appears in the File Areas List.