Target Page

The Target page of the Create New Target wizard enables you to specify the details of a new build target. If you are in the Edit Target wizard you can edit the details of an existing build target



Rules and Guidelines


Enter, or edit, the name of the target.



Enter, or edit, the filename of the target.

If you create a virtual target, you can omit the filename.

Relative path

Enter, or edit, the path to the target, relative to the build area root directory.



Enter, or edit, the description of the build target.


Is virtual

Select to indicate that the target is a virtual target.

A virtual target is a target that does not correspond to a specific file; for example, "Clean" or "All".

Is final

Select to indicate that the target is a final target.

A final target is a target that will not be used as the input to a subsequent build operation.

Design Part

Specifies a design part to be related to the target. Enter a design part name, or click the Browse button and select a design part from the tree.


Reuse script from another target

(Optional) Select another target to use as a model.

Selecting another target will cause that target’s script and options to appear in the other pages of the wizard.