Adding a New Source as an Input

To add a new source as an input:

  1. In the Build Management tab, expand the navigation tree until you can see the target whose script you want to view.

  2. Select the target. The Inputs section appears in the content pane.

  3. Click the Add new source as an input icon.

  4. The Add New Source wizard appears.

  5. Enter a name for the new source.

  6. Enter a path to the source that is relative to the project relative path. This restricts the path to the sub-directory that you specify. For example, if the project relative path is C:\Projects\Qlarius\Java and you specify a relative path of Utilities, the path to the source will be restricted to C:\Projects\Qlarius\Java\Utilities.

  7. Click OK to accept the dialog box.

  8. Check in the modified build configuration.