Setting Up Load Balancing

Dimensions Build enables you to balance the loading on your servers by specifying multiple build servers that are different to the default web server.

The primary build server manages the pool of build servers and tells the Dimensions server which build server to use for each build request (BLD or BLDB command). Each build server is utilized in turn in a round-robin as required.

To set up load balancing:

  1. Specify the primary build server by adding the variable DM_BUILDERWS_URL or DM_WEB_URL to the Dimensions configuration file (dm.cfg), for example:

  2. DM_BUILDERWS_URL http://buildserver:8080

  3. Specify a list of secondary build servers in the parameter build.server.list in following configuration file:

  4. <dm_root>/Common Tools/tomcat/5.5/webapps/bws/WEB-INF/web.xml






    This parameter specifies the URL paths to secondary build servers that will be used for submitting build jobs. Use a comma or semicolon to separate different URL paths. By default this variable is disabled (commented out).

  5. Uncomment the following tag when using load balancing to ensure proper keys on the database:





This parameter specifies if a build web service uses a database sequence to generate primary keys (required for environments with multiple builder servers). By default this variable is disabled (commented out).

Default: false