Example: Installing Jenkins

Preliminary Steps

  1. Install a Java Development Kit (JDK).

  2. Install Apache Ant if your build will be using the Ant build engine.

Installing Jenkins Plugins

  1. Stop the Serena Common Tomcat service.

  2. Download the jenkins.war file from the Jenkins web site:

  3. https://jenkins-ci.org/

  4. Copy the war file to your Serena Common Tomcat webapps folder, for example:

  5. C:\Program Files\Serena\common\tomcat\8.0\webapps

  6. Copy the Dimensions SCM Plug-in to the Jenkins plugins folder:

  7. a    Copy the plug-in from your webapps\pulse\WEB-INF\jenkins folder, for example:

    C:\Program Files\Serena\common\tomcat\8.0\webapps\pulse\

    b    Paste the plug-in into your webapps\jenkins\WEB-INF\plugins folder, for example:

    C:\Program Files\Serena\common\tomcat\8.0\webapps\jenkins\

  8. Copy the following Dimensions CM Java API libraries from your Dimensions server installation folder to your Jenkins installation folder:

  9. For example, copy the libraries from:

    C:\Program Files\Serena\Dimensions 14.2\CM\AdminConsole\lib


    C:\Program Files\Serena\common\tomcat\8.0\webapps\jenkins\WEB-INF\lib

  10. Restart the Serena Common Tomcat service.