Search Paths

You normally build projects at different release levels in the development lifecycle, such as DEVELOPMENT, UNIT TEST, SYSTEM TEST, and RELEASE. In Openmake the level of code is managed by source code search paths.

A search path is a collection of directories (on z/OS, library data set name prefixes), listed in the order required to create a specific build level. A build looks for source code in the directories listed in the search path, in the order in which the directories are listed. When a piece of source code is found, the search for that code stops.

The relationship between stages in the Dimensions global stage lifecycle and Openmake search paths is critical. The names of the stages and the search paths must be the same, and the search paths must match the stage sequence defined in the Dimensions global stage lifecycle. For example, if your global stage lifecycle is as follows:





you need to set up search paths in Openmake such as the following:



C:\MyDevSearchPath\SYSTEM TEST

C:\MyDevSearchPath\UNIT TEST

Additionally, you must verify that the deployment areas associated with the stages in the global stage lifecycle contain the same directory names that you specified in the Openmake search path.