Run Build Wizard

Use the Run Build wizard to run a build configuration.



Rules and Guidelines

Build page

Dimensions Project

Accept the default project/stream or select the project containing the configuration that you want to build.



Select a baseline.

If you do not want to build a baseline select <none>.

Only displayed if one or more baselines have been created from the project or stream

Build Configuration

Select the build configuration that you want to build.



Accept the default version of the build configuration (Latest) or select an earlier version.


Build Stage

Select the deployment stage at which the targets will be built. To build in a work area select <none>.

You can only build a baseline in a work area.

Build Area

Select the build or work area where the targets will be built.

(Build areas only) To build all deployment areas associated with the selected stage select <All areas>.


Start search path from stage

Select the stage where you want the search path to start.

Only available if you selected a work area.

Download files to work area

Select this option to download the files to the work area before the build is executed.

Only available if you selected a work area.

Apply system date/time to downloaded files

Select this option to apply system date/time to files that are downloaded.

Only available if you select the download option.

Check in build outputs automatically

Captures the outputs of the build and checks them into Dimensions automatically.


Options page

Capture build outputs

Select this option to capture the build outputs and check them into Dimensions CM.

Mandatory if your process model specifies that checked in items have to be related to a request.

Select Dimensions Project for output preservation

To check the build outputs into a different project or stream, select one from the list.


Provide Change Documents IDs

Specify the requests that the build outputs will be related to when they are checked into Dimensions. Use the following format:



Options page

Build options

Select build options.


Other build options

Enter additional build options.

For details about build options see The Templating Language and Processor chapter of the Developer’s Reference.

Targets page

Target Selection

Select All targets or the specific targets that you want to build.


Summary page


Displays a summary of the build command that will be executed.