Running a Build Configuration

Follow this procedure to run a build configuration from the Build Administration Console.

To run a build configuration:

  1. In the navigation pane of the Build Management tab of the Build Administration Console, expand Dimensions Projects and select the project containing the build configuration that you want to build.

  2. Select the build configuration and on the toolbar click Run.

  3. The Run Build wizard appears.

  4. From the Dimensions Project list accept the default project/stream or select the project containing the configuration that you want to build.

  5. (Only displayed if one or more baselines have been created from the project or stream) To build a baseline, select one from the list. If you do not want to build a baseline select <none>.

  6. From the Build Configuration list select a build configuration for the project or stream.

  7. From the Version list accept the default version of the build configuration (Latest) or select an earlier version.

  8. From the Build Stage list select the deployment stage at which the targets will be built. To build in a work area select <none>. You can only build a baseline in a work area.

  9. From the Build Area list select the build or work area where the targets will be built.

  10. If you are building in a work area do the following:

  11. Click Next.

  12. To capture the build outputs and check them into Dimensions CM select the option Capture build outputs.

  13. If you are checking in build outputs do the following:

  14. "QLARIUS_CR_44";"QLARIUS_CR_43"

  15. Click Next.

  16. On the Options page select build options:

  17. •      which are in the current stage: only builds targets whose source is at the current stage.

  18. Enter additional options in the Other build options field. For details about build options see The Templating Language and Processor chapter of the Developer’s Reference.

  19. Click Next.

  20. On the Targets page select All targets or the specific targets that you want to build.

  21. Click Next.

  22. A summary of the build command that will be executed is displayed.

  23. Click Run. If prompted enter the ID of the Dimensions user who owns the build area. You also need to enter and confirm their password.

The Build execution statuses dialog box appears. For details about evaluating the success or failure of a build, see Monitoring Builds in the Build Administration Console.