How to List and View Remote Jobs


Follow this procedure when you want to see the status and result of remote jobs or build commands that have been initiated on Dimensions tertiary network nodes, or to view their logs.

For a build command, the log contains a brief build summary and details on which targets were built and successfully preserved in Dimensions. It also shows any messages/warnings/errors generated during build outputs collection.

To list remote jobs:

  1. In the Remote Jobs main window, click the Remote Jobs tab.

To filter the list of remote jobs:

  1. Click the Filter link at the top of the content area.

  2. Complete the fields in the Remote Job Filter dialog box. To clear the filter criteria, click the Reset Filter button.

To view the log for a remote job:

  1. Select the job in the navigation area.

  2. In the content area, click the View Logs button: view_logs_button.gif

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