Process of Running a Report

The process of running a user-defined report consists of these stages:




The user runs the RUR command from the command-line interface, or uses the Run User Report wizard from the desktop client or web client. You can run the wizard when you select a request.


As part of the RUR command, the user specifies:

  • The report definition name

  • The product ID or range of products

  • Any parameter values for the report

  • The name of the output file for the report


Dimensions verifies the product ID and the user's role on the product(s).


Dimensions gets the report files specified for the report definition from the database.


Dimensions executes the main user report file with the statement:

  • UNIX

/bin/sh <command script file> \

<product-range> <other parameters>

  • Windows

<command script file> - <product-range>

<other parameters>


Dimensions outputs the report to the specified file.

For help with using the RUR command, see the Command-Line Reference and the User's Guide.

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