New/Edit Version Branch Dialog Box

The New/Edit Version Branch dialog box allows you create a new valid version branch name or modify the details of an existing version branch.



Rules and Guidelines

Version Branch Name

Enter a name for the version branch. This name must be unique within the Dimensions database.

  • Required.

  • Can only contain alphanumeric characters or underscores.

  • Up to 25 characters.


Enter a description of the purpose for this branch.

  • Optional.

  • Up to 240 characters.

Is Locked

Select this option if you want to lock the named branch against operations such as item revision updates or deletions.


Owner Site

If using the separately licensed Dimensions CM Replicator product, select the master base database site that owns this branch. The base database site consists of a physical network node name, the Dimensions base database name, and the database connection string.

Only users of the base database that owns this branch are allowed to make modifications to the branch, such as adding or deleting item revisions from it.

Leaving this field blank indicates that this branch is owned by the current base database site.

NOTE  Typically you would not set this field as it is maintained by Replicator. See the Dimensions System Administration Guide for details.

  • Optional.

  • Can only set during Edit Version Branch operation.

  • For sites to appear in the list, they must be defined as part of the Dimensions network (Administration Console | Network Administration).

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