Mail Events: Content Pane

The information displayed in the content pane depends on what you have selected in the navigation pane:

If you select...

Then the content pane displays...

Base Database basedb_icon00093.gif


Object Class object_class_icon00094.gif

  • List of mail events and associated descriptions, creation details, and update details.

  • html_list_button00095.gif: Click to print the list of mail events.

  • csv_list_button00096.gif: Click to save the list of mail events as comma-separated values.

A specific mail event mail_event_icon00097.gif

  • General tab that displays the mail event's name, description, creation details, update details, event type, templates used for the email notification, object class, object type, and event context.

  • Group Subscribers and User Subscribers tabs that display the groups and users subscribed to the mail event and subscription details. For promotion and demotion subscriptions, user/group subscriptions for specific stages are displayed. For Deploy and Rollback subscriptions, areas are also displayed.

  • add_button00098.gif: Click to add to the list of users or groups that are subscribed to the mail event.

  • Delete_button00099.gif: Click to delete an entry from the list of users or groups that are subscribed to the mail event.

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