Assigning Attributes to Users


Follow this procedure when you want to define a custom attribute and make it available to all user accounts in the $GENERIC product.

PRIVILEGES  Manage Users and Group Definitions


To assign an attribute:

  1. From the Users Registration main window, click the Manage Attributes button:

  2. manageattributesbutton00012.gif.

  3. In the Manage Attributes dialog box, click the Assign Attribute button: add_button.gif. The Assign Attribute dialog box appears.

  4. Enter a name for the new attribute in the Name field.

  5. If necessary, change the default value for the maximum character length allowed in the Max Length field.

  6. Select the format for the attribute's value from the Data Type list.

  7. Enter a field label for the attribute in the User Prompt field.

  8. If necessary, change the default values for the display length and height of the attribute in the Display Length and Display Height fields.

  9. Optionally, complete the rest of the fields in the dialog box.

  10. Click OK to add the new attribute.

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