About User Interface Profiles


User interface (UI) profiles allow you to select which features in the Dimensions CM client tools are visible to a user or group. By showing only the relevant views and operations, profiles simplify the UI and enable users to focus on their tasks.

Profiles are not meant to enforce security. Use privileges to grant or deny access to features.

There is a default UI profile that is created when you first install Dimensions CM. When you create a new user, the default UI profile is automatically assigned to that user. You can change this UI profile, and you can create other UI profiles and assign them to users or groups.

NOTE  When upgrading from a previous version of Dimensions CM 12.1 (or later) the installer does not automatically add new functionality to existing user profiles. You may need to add these functions manually to each existing user profile you have defined.

NOTE  There is also another way of determining which objects a user can see in the Dimensions CM clients. This is by setting an entry in the DM.CFG file. If this option is set, the clients will only list objects that are owned by products on which the current user holds a role. For details of how to set this option, see the System Administration Guide.

PRIVILEGES  Manage User Interface Profiles


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