New/Edit Upload Inclusion Dialog Box

The New/Edit Upload Inclusion dialog box allows you to specify or edit the files that you want to be able to add, check in, or upload to Dimensions.



Rules and Guidelines

File name inclusions pattern match


File name exclusions pattern match

Identifies the file name pattern of the Dimensions or IDE files to which the rule applies.

  • '*' matches zero or more characters.

  • '**' matches zero or more directories.

  • '?' matches one character.

Combinations of *' and ? are allowed.

For more information see:

  • Required.

  • Use a forward slash (/) to separate directories.

  • Uses Ant style pattern matching.

Item Type

Specifies the item type to be associated with the file name pattern.

The default settings separate ASCII and Binary files into separate item types to allow Dimensions Item Header Substitution in ASCII files.

  • Optional.

  • Choose from a list of item types defined in the base database.

Data Format

Associates the data format, which includes the MIME type and file class (ASCII/Binary), with the file name pattern.


Design Part

Specifies the design part that owns files of this type.

  • Optional.

  • This setting cannot be changed for an IDE's default rules.

NOTE  Make sure that the data format and item type that you specify exist in all of the product(s) for which you want to add these files.

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