New/Edit Upload Exclusion Dialog Box

The New/Edit Upload Exclusion dialog box allows you to specify or edit which files you want to prevent from being added, checked in, or uploaded to Dimensions.



Rules and Guidelines

Filename patterns Match

Specifies files that you don't want checked in for the selected rule set. You can specify files, files with specific extensions, and files in specific directories.

  • '*' matches zero or more characters.

  • '**' matches zero or more directories.

  • '?' matches one character.

Combinations of *' and ? are allowed.

For more information see:

  • Use a forward slash (/) to separate directories.

  • Uses Ant style pattern matching.

  • Files must be relative to the top-level upload directory and must not include absolute paths.

NOTE  Where there is a conflict, the list of exclusions supersedes the list of inclusions.

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