What is a Baseline Template?

A Baseline Template is a set of rules which determines which Dimensions CM items are included and excluded from a baseline. There are two types of baseline template, item and request.

For an item baseline template, you specify the criteria for inclusion and exclusion of item revisions by defining a set of rules based on the item's type, revision, status or build stage, and item relationships.

For a request baseline template, you specify the criteria for inclusion of item revisions based on a specified group of requests to which the item revisions are related as In Response To, or optionally Info. You do this by defining a set of rules for the selection of these requests.

Release and Archive baselines are defined by their associated templates; whereas a Design baseline is essentially defined by the absence of an associated template in that the baseline will include all revisions of the items from the top-level design part and its subordinate design parts (regardless of their status). Baseline templates are unique with respect to the base database; they are not restricted to particular products. Release baselines only include one revision of each item. Baselines based on a request baseline template are always release baselines.

For a full discussion of the concepts underlying baseline and release templates, please refer to "Baseline and Release Templates" in Appendix B of the Process Modeling User's Guide.

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