New/Edit Selection Criterion Dialog Box for a Release Template

The New Selection Criterion dialog box for a release template enables you to add a criterion to the list of selection criteria for item types to be included the release.

The Edit Selection Criterion dialog box enables you to change the details for a selected criterion.



Rules and Guidelines

Part ID

The highest level design part to which the criterion applies. The specified criterion applies to all its subordinate child parts, unless overridden by a more specific criterion. "*" means this is the default for all design parts for which no specific item type criteria exist.

  • Choose an design part from the list.

  • Enter "*" to include all design parts.

  • Required.

  • Default "*"


This field limits the criterion to one variant of the design parts specified by the Part ID field (plus subordinate design part variants).


  • Enter the required variant.

  • Default: "*", all variants of the design part will apply.

  • Required.

Item Type/Group

The item type(s) for which the selection applies. This will either be a specific item type or the name of an item type group that has been defined.

"*" means all items will be subjected to the criterion.

Hyphen "–" means that the selection criterion will be not be applied to any items. (This can be used to inhibit the selection of items for a sub-tree of the design part structure).

  • Choose an item type or item type group from the list.

  • Default: "*", all item types will apply.

  • Enter "-" if you do not want any items to be included.

  • Required.

Release Subdirectory

If specified, all item types selected by this criterion will be placed in this subdirectory. This field specifies a sub-directory to be added to the release directory path name specified by users when they make a release. The sub-directory must be a relative format (such as xxx/yyy for UNIX, or xxx\yyy for Windows

Enter a sub-directory name (maximum 50 characters).

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