New/Edit Selection Criterion Dialog Box for a Request Baseline Template

The New Selection Criterion dialog box for a request baseline template enables you to add a criterion to the list of selection criteria for request types to be used for the baseline.

The Edit Selection Criterion dialog box enables you to change the details for a selected criterion.



Rules and Guidelines

Request Type Selection

The request type for which this criterion applies.

  • Choose an item type from the list.

  • Required.

Request Status

The lifecycle state of requests to be used in the selection criteria.

  • Choose a status from the list.

  • Required.

Baseline Status Code

The rule to be used in conjunction with the Request Status above. 

Choose SUP to include requests at the specified state and upward.

Choose EQS to include requests only at the specified state.

See About Request Baseline Template Selection Criteria.

  • Required.

  • Choose a state from the list.

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