Creating a New Preservation Policy


Create a preservation policy when you want to determine how outputs from a build are to be preserved in Dimensions CM. Optionally, you can set up one or more preservation rules within the preservation policy for specific item types that override the default rule. You can subsequently associate this preservation policy with one or more stages in a project.

To create a new preservation policy:

  1. In the Build Administration main window, click the Preservation Policies tab.

  2. In the status area, select the product to which the preservation policy is to belong.

  3. Click the New button: new_preservation_policy00005.gif

  4. The New Preservation Policy dialog box appears

  5. Enter a name and, optionally, a description for the preservation policy.

  6. Select the Default Rule for the preservation of items.

  7. Click OK. The new preservation policy is added to the product.

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