Attribute Update Rules

Users can generally update attributes if they have the required update privilege. In addition, Update rules may specify whether a particular role can view and update a specific attribute and whether an attribute value is required. Each rule can apply throughout the object's lifecycle or only when an object is in a particular lifecycle state.

For example, for requests of type Problem Report, you could specify that the SEVERITY attribute is updateable only by a user with the Reviewer role during the DEFINED state.

The following list summarizes update rule applicability:

However, if a rule exists for an attribute with the Writable at the From State setting enabled for a particular state, then this rule will take precedence and the attribute will be writable.

NOTE  The Attributes tab in the Edit Attributes dialog box shows required attributes based on the next lifecycle state (normal or off normal).

Example: Defining an Update Rule for Actioning

Stephanie wants to create a rule so that a particular attribute is required during a transition between the Approved and Implemented states. She chooses the attribute name and role, and then sets the following:

As a result, a user with the specified role must define a value for the attribute in the Action dialog box when actioning the object to the Implemented state. The user could also define the value in the Edit dialog box before actioning.