Attribute Role Sections

In the attribute update rules, you can also specify if you want an attribute to appear in a role section. A role section is a list of attributes that are pertinent to the holders of a particular role in an object's lifecycle. When viewing and updating attributes, users can choose one of these sections in order to reduce the list to what they want to see.

For example, a user with the role Developer will normally be interested in a certain subset of the user-defined attributes of an item revision, whereas a user with the role Quality Assurance will be interested in a different subset.

Every attribute defined for an object type can be included in, or excluded from, any role section. Note that role sections simply classify attributes according to roles; they do not specify permissions. Any authorized users are permitted to view any of the role sections, regardless of whether they hold the corresponding roles.

Example: Defining a Role Section

Stephanie wants to create a rule to set a role section for a particular attribute in the Allocated state. She chooses the attribute name and role, and then sets the following:

As a result, users with the specified role can view the attribute in their role section and update it when the object is in the Allocated state.

The option that determines how attributes are set between different revisions of the same item.