CM Phase Usage Dialog Box

The CM Phase Usage dialog box for a request type displays the permitted operations users can perform at each CM phase. It consists of a table of CM Phases down the left hand side and a set of operations along the top. A set_icon.gif means that the operation is permitted at that phase, and a unset_icon.gif. means the operation is not permitted. For more details, see Rules for Request Lifecycles.




Relate Design Parts

Relating design parts to the request.

Relate Items As Affected

Relating items as affected by the request.

Relate Items in Response To

Relating items as in response to the request.

Relate Change Docs

Relating other requests to the request.

Update Attributes

Updating the attributes of the request.

Request Phases

Off Normal

All those states which are not part of the normal lifecycle, and are not final states.


When the request has been created and held, and is only visible to the user who created it.


The phase when a request has been created.


The normal lifecycle states during which implementation of the change is analyzed and planned.

Analysis & Work

All normal lifecycle states between the create phase and the frozen phase, as an alternative to having been assigned separate Analysis and Work phases.


The normal lifecycle states during which the change is actually implemented.


The normal lifecycle states following the Work phase, but before the final state.

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