About Prime Mappings


Prime Mappings enable you to create new requests by copying the details from existing requests (priming). When you prime a request, the values of certain attributes from the existing request are copied to certain attributes in the new request. Whether priming is possible between two types of requests, and which attribute values are copied to which, are defined by the Prime Mappings set up between the two request types involved.

NOTE  The detailed description (PCMS_CHDOC_DETAIL_DESC) of the existing request will automatically be copied to the new detailed description unless a mapping is defined for the detailed description.

You can define the attribute mappings used for priming requests for a particular product or across products in the same database.

Priming takes into account any default attribute values set up by the Product Manager or individual user. Priming also causes the new request to be related to the product design parts that were affected by the parent request. You can change these relationships after priming is complete.


This function is available for requests only.

The attributes must have been previously defined and declared for both request types.

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