Assign Area to Project Dialog Box

The Assign Area to Project dialog box allows you to associate a project with an area so that the area can be used for the project's item files.



Rules and Guidelines


The name of the area.

Display only.


The name of the project you want to relate to this area. Select a project from the list.


File path relative to area directory

If a directory path is entered here, this will be used to offset the directory defined for the area. Files will be placed in a folder structure corresponding to their folders in the project.

  • Up to 128 characters.

Deploy by default

Select this option if you want this area to be a default deployment area for this project/stream.

If this option is selected, deployment will, by default,  automatically be scheduled for this area when items, requests, or baselines  are promoted to the corresponding stage.

Audit filter

Select a filter from the list.

CAUTION!  Audit and area filters can easily be confused. For information see Correct Use of Area and Audit Filters.

This is the default filter that is used when performing an Audit.

Sequence order

Select a sequence for the order in which deployment will take place for this area.

If there are multiple areas involved in a deployment operation, this determines the order in which deployment will be carried out for this area. If this is zero, no priority is given to this area.

Populate area with Project contents

Check this box if you want the appropriate item files to be copied to the area as soon as the project has been related to it.


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