Area Definitions Content Pane

The information that displays in the content pane varies, depending on what you have selected in the navigation pane. The tables below describe what you'll see in the content pane based on your selection.

Area Definitions Tab: Content Pane

If you select...

Then the content pane displays:

A single Work area: work_area_icon00001.gif

  • General: Section that displays details about the selected Work area.

Click the Edit: editbutton.gif button to edit the area details and assign users or groups.

  • Assigned Users and Groups: Section that displays the users and/or groups that have been assigned to the work area.

A single Deployment area: deployment_area_icon00002.gif

  • General: Section that displays details about the selected Deployment area.

Click the Edit: editbutton00003.gif button to edit the area details.

  • Global Stage Lifecycle: A graphical representation of the Global Stage Lifecycle.

Click the Edit: editbutton00004.gif button to edit the lifecycle.

  • Projects: Section that displays the project/streams that have been related to the deployment area.

Click the add_button.gif button to assign a project/stream the area using the Assign Area to Project dialog box.

Click the Delete_button.gif button to unassign a project/stream from the area.

A single library cache area: library_cache_area_icon00005.gif

  • General: Section that displays details about the selected library cache area.

Click the Edit: editbutton00006.gif button to edit the area details.

Top-level node: basedb_icon00007.gif


second-level node:

  • work_areas_node00008.gif

  • deployment_areas_node00009.gif

  • library_cache_areas_node00010.gif


Stage node: deployment_stage_node00011.gif

  • Areas: Section that displays a detailed summary of all areas in the base database, or of the selected type.

  • Click the Name link to modify details for the selected area.

  • html_list_button.gif: Click to print the summary of areas.

  • csv_list_button.gif: Click to save the summary of areas as comma-separated values.

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