About Areas

Areas are locations that are defined in order to contain item files for Dimensions CM project/streams when certain item operations are performed. You define a network node and folder for the area so that the files are held under that "root" folder in the same hierarchical folder structure as the items in the project/stream. There are three types of area:

Deployment areas can also have a Filter specified. A filter is a template file containing a set of rules that determine which files from the project/stream are held in the file area. You can specify that only the items matching a certain filename pattern, or that belong to a certain design part, are transferred to that area.

You can also specify Transfer Scripts for a deployment area. These are scripts that are performed:

The use of library cache areas is supported for the following clients:

NOTE  A library cache area can be used in the web client provided that the user sets the work area to a work area that has been defined in Dimensions as opposed to a folder location on their local machine. A library cache area is assigned for your user for a given project/stream using the Project/Stream Properties dialog box in the web client or desktop client. If the working location is not set to a Dimensions-defined work area, the library cache area will not be used for item file operations in the web client although it will be used in the desktop client.

Once you have defined a file area you relate it to one or more projects/streams so that it is used to contain item files for those projects/streams