Logging into the Administration Console


Follow this procedure to access the Administration Console when you are ready to perform administrative tasks on a Dimensions CM base database.


Using SSO and Smart Card

If your Administration Console has been configured to work using SSO authentication, you will be presented with a Serena Dimensions CM log in page the first time that you log in. You will then be presented with an Administration Console login page. Depending on how you log out, you may, or may not, be presented with the Dimensions CM log in page the next time you access the Administration Console.

There is also the option to use Smart Card (CAC) authentication. If you are using this feature, you will be prompted to supply your PIN, and the login credentials from the certificate on the specified card will be passed to the application.

If you are not using SSO you will not see the Serena Dimensions CM log in page and you will be presented with a slightly different Administration Console login page.

To log in to Dimensions CM using SSO:

  1. Start your web browser, and type the URL for the Dimensions CM log in page.

  2. The format of the URL is:

    http://hostname:port/adminconsole/hostname is the Dimensions CM web server and port is the web server port number.

  3. If you are not already authenticated for SSO, you will be presented with the Serena Dimensions CM authentication page.

  4. Do one of the following:

  5. a     Make sure your card is inserted, and click the Smart Card Log In button.

    b    Select the certificate you want to use. If you want to view the details, click View Certificate.

    c     Click OK in the Choose a digital certificate page.

    d    If you are authenticating for the first time, you are presented with a Login page asking for your PIN

    e    Enter your PIN and click OK.

  6. If your login is successful, or you are already authenticated with SSO, “Your user name and password has been validated with SSO” will be displayed.

Click Log in.

To log out of Dimensions CM using SSO:

This will require you to sign in to the Serena Dimensions CM page the next time you access the Dimensions web client.

To log in to Dimensions CM without SSO:

  1. Open your web browser and enter the Administration Console URL provided by your administrator. The format of the URL is:

  2. http://hostname:port/adminconsole/

    where hostname is the machine hosting the Administration Console and port is the web server port number.

    Each time you access the Administration Console URL with your browser, you will be prompted to allow the Administration Console applet to run. Click Yes to allow the applet to run.

  3. To log in, complete the fields on the Login page.

  4. If you want to manually select the server and database:

  5. Click Login. The Administration Console opens.

To view information about the Administration Console:

If you want to check the version of the Administration Console that is installed, or other system information, click the About link.

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