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Use this wizard to select items.

The second page of the wizard displays the items that match the criteria you entered on the first page of the wizard. From these results, you select items, which you then see in the dialog box from which you originally launched the wizard.

Some operations allow only a single item to be selected. These operations display radio buttons, rather than check boxes, in the first column.



Rules and Guidelines

Select check boxes

Select the items.


Project Path

The item project filename.

Display only.


The date the revision was created.

Display only.


The status of the item revision.

Display only.

Modified Date (UTC)

The date the item file was modified.

Display only.

This is blank if the revision is not checked in.

Checked out by

The name of the user who has this revision checked out.

Display only.

Update date

The date and time of the last change to this revision (for example, action, checkout, or edit).

Display only.


Click to return to the first page of the wizard.



Click to save your selection.


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