Defining Remote Subordinates for Baselines


Once you have defined a baseline replication configuration, follow this procedure to specify the subordinate site into which the master site will replicate the baseline.

To define a subordinate site for a baseline replication:

  1. From the Replication Administration main window, click the Configurations tab.

  2. From the filter in the navigation area, select Baseline Master.

  3. Select the configuration to which you want to add the subordinate site from the Configurations list.

  4. In the content area, click the Add button: addbutton00010.gif from the Remote Subordinates section.

  5. The New Remote Subordinate dialog box appears (if you have not already defined the appropriate remote subordinate network parameters on the master site, you will need to use the Administration Console Network administration cluster tools before proceeding).

  6. From the Node name list, select the remote node.

  7. From the DB Connection list, select the string that you want to use to connect to the database server.

  8. From the Base Database list, select the base database name.

  9. The Is replication enabled for this subordinate check box should normally be left checked.

  10. If you will be using offline/"air-gap" replication, uncheck the Is this online Replication check box.

  11. Click OK.

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