Agile On Demand 2010 Release Notes

What's New

The following features and activities are new in Serena Agile:

Sprint Task Board

The new Task Board provides all the benefits of a physical SCRUM task board. It's optimized to be interactive and display well on a projector or a large screen, as well as on a monitor. Most importantly, it provides the team with a visual daily snapshot of what is being worked on, what hasn't started, and what is complete. This can be viewed by story, by team member, and by work state. All the important information about the status of the sprint is intuitively displayed using a combined bar chart and card-wall metaphor. Updating the work, assignment, or status of a task is simple. Lastly, the focus is on the team by allowing quick filtering of assignments by team members.

Serena Business Mashups Integration

Serena Agile can now be paired with Serena Business Mashups to provide an end-to-end solution for demand management, issue/defect management, and agile project management. Users can capture, triage, and track issues, defects, and change requests via Serena Business Mashups, seamlessly plan work in Serena Agile, and get visibility through both systems from planning to release.

RSS Feeds for Backlogs

You can now assign team members to teams, serving as the first step towards more robust team tracking, visiblity, and collaboration features. Currently, you will be able to...

Move Work Items Between Projects

You can now move work items between projects if you accidentally enter them in the wrong place or need to split a project up into multiple projects.

Re-parent Work Items in Teams and Sprints

You can now re-parent work items within teams and sprints without having to move the items back into a project or release.

Multi-Select Delete

Now you can multi-select rows from a backlog (by Ctrl+click), and delete them all at once.

Quick-Filter by Item Type

We've added quick-filters to backlog views so that you can easily filter in or out different types of work items.

Backlog Ranking Improvements

We have made it even easier to rank stories. The list mode for the backlog now displays all work items in the backlog as a truly flat list, regardless of parent-child hierarchies. This allows you to specify a rank for every work item, regardless of item type. Combined with the ability to quick-filter by item type, it's easy to rank only stories, features with stories, or stories alongside defects or any other type of work item.

Import Enhancements

When you download the import template we now automatically create columns for any custom attributes you may have added to Agile making it quicker for users to identify what data can be imported. We have added support for importing resource attributes as well and fixed many issues around importing work items.

Get Satisfaction SSO Integration

We are making it easier for users to participate in our Serena Agile community. Now when users login to Agile and want to visit our community they will no longer be required to login again.


For a complete list of fixes in Serena Agile 2010 R1, consult the following query in the Serena Support Knowledgebase.