System Settings

System Settings Field table

Field Description
External URL* URL used by agents and users to connect to the Serena Release Automation server.
Only Groups in Security Roles When checked, privileges are assigned to user groups, not individual users.
Automatic Version Import Check Period (seconds)* The number of seconds between when Serena Release Automation polls components for new versions. If changed, the server must be restarted before the change becomes effective. Serena recommends that the value be set no lower than 15 seconds.
Mail Server Host Host name of the mail server used for notifications. Serena Release Automation can send notifications to users based on user-configured trigger events (to set up notifications, see Notifications). Serena Release Automation requires an external SMTP mail server to send messages. To disable notifications, leave the field blank.
Mail Server Port SMTP port used by the notifications mail server.
Secure Mail Server Connection Specifies whether the SMTP connection is secure. The default value is unchecked–not secure.
Mail Server Sender Address Sender address for email notifications.
Mail Server Username User name for sending email notifications. Some e-mail servers and firewalls treat e-mails with different sender and user names suspiciously–you might want to use the same name for both fields.
Mail Server Password User password for sending email notifications.
Hour to Clean Versions* Time of day when versions are cleaned. Value must be an integer between 0 (midnight) and 23 (11 pm).
Days to Keep Versions* Number of days component versions are kept. A value of -1 means they are kept indefinitely.
Number of Versions to Keep* Number of component versions to keep. A value of -1 means all are kept.
Archive Path Path where the compressed file containing archived component versions is written. If blank, the compressed file is not written (and no archive kept).
Automatic License Management Determines whether new agents are assigned to a licenses automatically. If checked, agents are assigned to the license with the most time remaining before it expires. The default value is checked–assign agents automatically.

* = required