(Windows) Server Silent Install Options

Option Default Description
AgreeToLicense Yes must be set to Yes
SRA_USER_INSTALLDIR c:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\.serena\ra directory to install the Serena Release Automation server.
DB_TYPE derby Use to specify a database vendor other than the default: MYSQL|ORA|SQLSVR
<DB>_USER password database user ID, where <DB> is: DERBY|MYSQL|ORA|SQLSVR
<DB>_PASSWORD password password for database user ID, where <DB> is: DERBY|MYSQL|ORA|SQLSVR
ORA_DB_SCHEMA serena_ra (Required for Oracle) database schema
<DB>_JDBC_DRIVER   (Required)For database other than Derby, JDBC database driver file, where <DB> is DERBY|MYSQL|ORA|SQLSVR
DERBY_PORT 11377 (Required for Derby) specify the Derby port.
<DB>_DB_CONN   (Required)For database other than Derby, database connection, where <DB> is MYSQL|ORA|SQLSVR
AGENT_MUTUAL_AUTH N agent mutual authentication option: y|N
JMS_PORT 7918 server port
IS_INSTALL_MODE silent must be set to: "silent"
TC_PORT 8080 Tomcat port. Only used for new Serena Common Tomcat installations. See the SctFoundLoc option.

For examples of the option settings needed for each database (Derby, Oracle, MySQL, and MS SQL Server), see (Windows) DB Examples - Server Silent Install.