(Linux/UNIX (AIX, Solaris)) Server Silent Install Options

This section provides the list and description of the Linux/UNIX (AIX, Solaris) silent install options, and examples of the option settings needed for each database (Derby, Oracle, MySQL, and MS SQL Server).

For examples of the optionsFile.txt, see (Linux/UNIX (AIX, Solaris)) Server Examples - DB Silent Install.

(Linux/UNIX AIX, Solaris) Server silent install options table

Option Default Description
IS_SELECTED_INSTALLATION TYPE_ typical must be set to typical
SctFoundLoc   To install a new Serena Common Tomcat, leave value empty. (Required) When you want to reuse an existing Serena Common Tomcat; provide the path and also specify the SctInstallLoc option.
SctInstallLoc   Used with the SctFoundLoc option. (Required) When you want to reuse an existing Serena Common Tomcat; can be a new location or reinstall location.
DbDetailsVendor derby Use to specify a database vendor other than the default: oracle|mysql|sqlserver
DbDetailsUser serena_ra database user ID
DbDetailsPwd password password for database user ID
DbDetailsSchema   Required. Database schema
DbDetailsDriver   database driver class, for example: org.apache.derby.jdbc. ClientDriver
dbDetailsDriverFilename derby Required for a database other than Derby; specify a database driver file.
DbDetailsDerbyPort 11377 Required for Derby; specify the Derby port.
DbDetailsConnection   database connection
ServerDetailsMutualAuth false agent mutual authentication option: true|false
ServerDetailsPort 7918 server port
IS_INSTALL_MODE silent must be set to: silent
SctTomcatOwner   system user to own Serena common Tomcat files; valid for new Serena common Tomcat scenario.
SctTomcatPort 8080 Tomcat port. Only used for new Serena Common Tomcat installations. See the SctFoundLoc option.


The -V syntax is required.