Using the Process Editor

When the Process Design pane opens, the Design view displays. Processes are assembled on the Design view. Several other views can be displayed by clicking the associated tab:

Available Views table

Tab/View Description
Edit Displays the Edit view where you can change process parameters. See Component Processes.
Properties Displays the Properties view where you can create and change process properties.
Changes Displays the Process Changes view. This view provides a record for every process change–property add or delete, and process save or delete.

Processes are assembled by dragging individual steps onto the design space, configuring, and then connecting them. When a step is dragged onto the design space, a pop-up displays that is used to configure the step. Once configured and the pop-up closed, you define relationships between steps by dragging connection handles between associated steps.

Typical Process Step

Typical Process Step

Graphically, each step (except for the Start step which cannot be deleted or edited) is the same and provides:

Anatomy of a Step table

Item Description
edit tool displays the step configuration pop-up where you can modify configuration parameters
delete tool removes the step from the design space
resize handle enables you to resize the step graphic
connection tool used to create connections between steps


If you delete a step, its connections (if any) are also deleted.