helloWorld: Creating Components

Components contain the artifacts, such as files, images, and databases that you manage and deploy. When creating a component, you:

  1. Identify source type.

    First, you define the artifacts' source type (all artifacts must be of the same type) and identify where they are stored.

  2. Import a version.

    After you identify the artifacts, they are imported into the artifact repository, CodeStation. Artifacts can be imported manually or automatically. When artifacts are imported, they are assigned a version ID, which enables multiple versions to be kept and managed. Snapshots, for example, can employ specific versions.

  3. Define process.

    The process defines how the component artifacts are deployed. A process is designed by assembling plug-in steps. A plug-in step is a basic unit of automation. Steps replace most deployment scripts and/or manual processes. Processes are designed using the drag-and-drop process editor.