helloWorld: Creating an Application

To create an application:

  1. Display the Create New Application dialog Home > Applications > Create New Application [button].

  2. Enter a name, for example, helloWorld_application, and an (optional) description.

    There are no naming requirements. However the number of associated items, for example components, processes, applications, and environments can become large; so, we recommend you use a naming scheme that makes it easy to identify related items.

  3. For the Notification Scheme, accept the default value of None from the drop-down, and save the application.

    Serena Release Automation integrates with LDAP and e-mail servers which enables it to send event-based notifications. For example, the default notification scheme will send an e-mail (if an email server has been configured) when a deployment finishes. Notifications can also play a role in deployment approvals (see Notifications).