Creating Authorization Groups

Groups are logical containers that serve as a mechanism to grant permissions to multiple users; members automatically share a group's permissions (see Default Permissions). Permissions are granted to groups (or all users), not individual users. Additionally, when a group is assigned a role, its members are automatically assigned the role as well (see Roles and Permissions).

To create a group:

  1. Display the Create Group dialog Settings > Security > Authorization > Groups > Create Group [button].

  2. Provide a name for the group.

    The name appears in the Default Permissions pane (see Default Permissions).

  3. Select an authorization realm.

    Groups are only valid for the selected realm.

Serena Release Automation provides several default groups and users, which are listed in the following table. The default groups and users are part of the internal security authorization realm.

Default Groups table

Group Users
Admin Group admin
Approve Group approve
Configuration Group config
Deploy Group deploy