Upgrading Serena Release Automation

You upgrade the Serena Release Automation server, agents, and agent relays independently. Before upgrading, download the appropriate installation package from the Serena support portal (upgrades are done with the same package used for installation), and uncompress it.

  1. Run the installation script for the item you want to upgrade. To upgrade the server, for example, run the install-server script; to upgrade an agent, run the install-agent script.

  2. When prompted for the location of the installation directory, enter the path to an existing installation. When you specify an existing installation, Serena Release Automation will ask if you want to upgrade the installation (instead of installing a new version). If you answer Yes, the script will lead you through the required steps. The upgrade steps are a subset of the installation steps. If you need information about the steps, see the section related to the item you are upgrading: server, agent, or agent relay.